Vitamin K1 Liquid – Alcohol-Free Oral Vitamin K1 Drops - Liquid Vitamin K for Skin, Bones & Blood Health – Vegan, Non-GMO Vitamin Liquid Extract for Internal & External Use - 1 Fl Oz

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  • BLOOD & BONE HEALTH: Supporting healthy blood clotting, bone strength and density, Vitamin K1 helps your bodys ability to effectively absorb and distribute calcium to teeth & bones.
  • TOPICAL SKIN SUPPORT: Use Vitamin K oil for skin treatment - Vitamin K liquid is safe for internal and external use. Apply Vitamin K oil for dark circles under the eyes and to help boost elasticity.
  • VERSATILE LIQUID VITAMIN K: These oral Vitamin K drops are mixed with pure Safflower Oil, making it easier to swallow and digest than hard vitamin pills, and nourishing when applied to skin.
  • PURE, POTENT & MADE IN THE USA: HoneyCombs Industries Vitamin K1 liquid is manufactured in the USA with zero fillers, artificial preservatives, colors or flavors and no gluten, soy, milk or egg.
  • FEEL BETTER OR YOUR MONEY BACK: We guarantee that youÕll love our Vitamin K drops or you can ship it back to us within 30 days of ordering for a full refund, no questions asked.
Vitamin K1 Liquid Supplement   Naturally found in green leafy vegetables, vegetable oils, and some fruits, Vitamin K1 is essential for the formation of prothrombin, a chemical required in blood clotting. Additionally, Vitamin K helps calcium to maintain bone density, and supports Vitamin D to efficiently utilize that calcium. Oral Vitamin K can help with: - healthy blood clotting - bone growth and maintenance - liver and intestinal health - glucose metabolism - cardiovascular and heart health   ItÕs also a great idea to use liquid Vitamin K for skin. Applied topically, Vitamin K1drops support skin health, and studies have shown that Vitamin K oil for skin reduces the time needed to heal bruising. Many beauticians apply Vitamin K oil for dark circles and fine lines, and the liquid vitamin drops also promote skin elasticity. Vitamin K1 plays an important role in a healthy functioning body, and a Vitamin K supplement should be taken if you donÕt get enough in your daily diet. Symptoms of Vitamin K1 deficiency include problems with bleeding, bruising and reduced bone strength.   Vitamin pills can be hard to swallow and hard for the body to break down, so they may require multiple doses. Vitamin K liquid is easy to digest and assimilate - just take one dropper of liquid Vitamin K each day.   HoneyCombs Vitamin Liquids - Premium Quality: No fillers, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives - our Vitamin K1 drops are cold-processed and alcohol-free for maximum effectiveness- Superior Efficacy: Liquid supplements absorb faster into the blood stream and are more readily available to the body than vitamin pills or capsules- Purity & Potency: Made in the USA, HoneyCombs vegan, non-GMO Vitamin K liquid is a clean and effective daily supplement

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