Snappy Pure Colored Coconut Popping Oil, 15 Ounce

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  • DELICIOUS BUTTERY FLAVOR; the secret to making mouthwatering movie theater popcorn at home
  • NATURALLY COLORED; beta carotene creates golden kernels without added preservatives or chemicals
  • BETTER THAN BUTTER; 100% pure refined non-GMO coconut oil with zero trans fats
  • NO MELTING REQUIRED; safe to use as a solid or liquid (becomes a liquid at 76 degrees or higher)
  • VERSATILE; safe to melt & solidify repeatedly, this oil can be used for cooking a variety of foods
Snappy's Coconut Oil is the secret to making movie theater popcorn in your own home. Use your favorite Snappy kernels with our golden-colored Coconut Oil to pop delicious buttery popcorn with the aroma you love and the taste you crave. This product is a pantry staple that can be used for cooking a variety of foods beyond just popcorn. Our Coconut Oil becomes a liquid at 76 degrees or higher and is easy to use without the risk of burning or smoking, but this oil is safe to use as a solid or a liquid. It is also safe for coconut oil to melt and solidify repeatedly. Naturally colored with beta carotene. Over the years, Snappy has also grown to become one of the largest concessions dealers in the country by doing things differently. We work hard to provide first-rate machines, superior accessories, and delicious products at the very best prices, all backed by the Snappy quality guarantee. Located in the small town of Breda, Iowa, our small-town values and work ethic are behind every product we sell. We are committed to providing strong, old-fashioned service, with a friendly sales staff that will personally answer your calls. Please let us know how we can serve your popcorn and concessions needs, and from our family to your family or business, thank you for choosing Snappy products!

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