Professor Pickleball Carbon Cleaner, Premium Pickleball Paddle Eraser for Raw Carbon Fiber Paddles, Effortless Residue Removal, Quick & Effective, Eliminates Ball Residue, Dirt, Scratches

Color: 1-Pack
Sale price$10.95


  • EASY PADDLE CLEANING: Our soft rubber block easily removes pickleball residue, dirt, and grime from the surface of any raw carbon fiber pickleball paddle. With just a few swipes of the Carbon Cleaner, your paddle will look brand new.
  • REGAIN BALL SPIN: Removing paddle residue on the face unclogs the raw carbon fiber pours, causing more friction against the ball on impact. This brings back more ball spin, and will re-ignite your game!
  • MAKES PADDLE LOOK NEW: Keep your raw carbon fiber pickleball paddle looking fresh and new. Clean your paddle before each day of play, or between games to keep your paddle looking and performing great.
  • GOOD FOR 1000 CLEANS: Lasts for at least 1000 cleans! The long lasting rubber block will keep all of your paddles clean for a long time without wearing out. We use the highest quality rubber for max pickleball paddle cleaning!
  • WORKS ON THESE PADDLES: Professor, Joola, Six Zero, CRBN, Vatic, Selkirk, Legacy, SLK, Electrum, Diadem, PROKENNEX, Gearbox, Ronbus and any other Raw carbon fiber faced pickleball paddles. Will not work on Fiberglass faced paddles.
  • EFFORTLESSLY REMOVE MARKS AND SCUFFS: Say goodbye to stubborn marks and scuffs with our innovative pickleball paddle eraser. Designed specifically for raw carbon fiber paddles, this eraser gently lifts and removes tough scratches and scuffs, ensuring your paddle looks pristine every time you step onto the court.
  • COMPLETE YOUR PICKLEBALL KIT: Enhance your pickleball experience with our range of pickleball accessories, including our carbon cleaner and paddle eraser. Keep your gear in top condition and elevate your game with our premium quality products designed for pickleball enthusiasts.
This Pickleball Paddle Cleaner is designed to clean your pickleball paddle face. It will remove all dust, scuffs, and scratches. Made of high-quality rubber material, this paddle cleaner will have your paddle looking like new once you use it.

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