Organic Magnesium Chloride Oil Spray for Pain and Muscle Tension by Activation Products - 90 Day Supply Pillow Spray, Topical Magnesium Mist Spray for Sleep - 8 fl oz

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  • CALMING MAGNESIUM OIL SPRAY - Use this topical magnesium spray to fuel your body’s internal battery and help alleviate uneasiness. Each bottle contains iMCH, our highly potent proprietary magnesium chloride solution. It delivers a powerful soothing effect within minutes of spraying it onto your skin.ucts Ease Magnesium Spray - Pure Magnesium - Includes eBook, 250ml / 8 Fl.Oz.
  • STRENGHTENS YOUR MUSCLES AND JOINTS - Do joint stress and aches get in the way of your daily activities? Worry no more with our magnesium body spray! Spray magnesium for leg cramps, muscle tension, and other body pains, so you can confidently thrive amid your hectic lifestyle.
  • SUPPORTS DEEP, RESTFUL NIGHTS OF SLEEP - If you’re feeling fatigued or having trouble sleeping due to extreme tiredness, then this calming tension spray is for you! Our magnesium chloride spray helps your entire body wind down and melt away the stress of the day.
  • BALANCES MAGNESIUM MINERALS - Each spritz of this chloride magnesium spray delivers approximately 22mg of pharma-grade magnesium chloride hexahydrate. Our soothing magnesium helps restore your body’s natural mineral balance.
  • FAST-ABSORBING TOPICAL SPRAY - Ease magnesium chloride liquid does not give off a burning, sticky, or itchy sensation after application. Instead, this magnesium spray sleep formulation is gentle on your skin and may help keep it protected against skin problems.
Ease into your lifestyle with Activation Products. Our naturally relaxing Ease magnesium spray helps improve your health, soothe your senses, and nourish your body.Raw Magnesium from the Dead SeaNo need to always feel overwhelmed and tired. Every bottle of Ease contains the purest, fastest-acting form of bioavailable magnesium to fuel your body's internal battery. This is the same natural, purified, pharmaceutical-grade mineral found in the Dead Sea.Offers A Host of BenefitsFood grown in depleted mineral soils is mineral and vitamin deficient, and no longer provides the foundational nutrients our bodies need. Each spritz of our magnesium chloride topical spray enters your bloodstream through your skin and delivers approximately 22mg of magnesium chloride hexahydrate and helps with:Relaxing your mind and bodyBoosting deep, restful nights and sleepSoothing your musclesStrengthening your jointsImproving your energySoothes in MinutesUnlike oral magnesium supplements, this magnesium chloride minerals spray works almost immediately. Our proprietary iMCH™ is quickly absorbed transdermally without passing through your digestive system. Regular use helps balance your body's naturally occurring minerals.Safe for Your SkinNon-stingingNon-burningItch-FreeLeaves no sticky residueDirections for UseSpray directly onto your skin or your palm and smooth in. Use 30-50 sprays daily after a shower, before bed, or when you feel stressed, sore, or fatigued.Simple Ingredients You Can TrustNothing is more important to us than your health. Our products are made from pure and proven-effective plants, minerals, and superfoods. Enjoy the rarest health remedies on Earth in the most natural ways possible with Activation Products.

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