Nitric Oxide Test Strip - Track Both Prebiotic Nitrate and Biomarker for Nitric Oxide by MyFitStrip - 25 Self Care Saliva Test Strip

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  • Nitric Oxide Test Strips are a simple way to see if there is enough essential prebiotic nitrate from your diet and whether the oral microbiome is health to convert nitrate to nitric oxide.
  • This patent pending saliva nitric oxide test strips provides results in 10-second.
  • Saliva Nitric Oxide Indicator Strips are non-invasive and simple to use anywhere and at anytime.
  • Nitric Oxide-potent foods boost memory, immunity and cardiovascular health.
MyFitStrip is the next generation saliva nitric oxide test strip. Maintaining optimal nitric oxide requires both dietary prebiotic nitrate from your diet and oral nitrate-reducing friendly bacteria or probiotics. MyFitStrip is a patent-pending saliva test strip to help detect for the presence of oral microflora that may convert dietary prebiotic nitrate in your plant-based diet to nitric oxide. Within 10-seconds, MyFitStrip will detect whether adequate natural prebiotic nitrate is found in your plant-based diet and whether the microbiome on your tongue is sufficient to begin the process to make heart healthy nitric oxide.

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