MB Herbals Instant Chicory Root Powder 227 Gram (0.5 lb / 8 oz) | Roasted & Granulated | Gluten Free | Rich Source of Inulin Fiber

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  • Pack Size: 227G (0.5 lb / 8 oz) | Roasted & Granulated Chicory Powder. Gluten Free. No Preservatives.
  • Ours is an Instant Chicory Powder processed from minced and roasted Chicory Roots grown around the forest regions of Girnar in western India. The powder dissolves very fast in hot milk or water leaving a very little residue at the bottom.
  • Chicory Root Powder is rich in water soluble Inulin Fiber. The water soluble Inulin Fiber in Chicory Root Powder helps in digestion.
  • The Taste of Chicory Powder is like Coffee but it doesn't have any caffeine. Hence, chicory is used as a coffee substitute or it is added to coffee to get the flavor of coffee without additional caffeine. Chicory can help you reduce your coffee consumption.
  • Our Packing has changed. For some time, 2 packings will be available on Amazon. The product images has the existing packing and the earlier packing displayed.
MB Herbals Chicory Root Powder 227G

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