Liposomal Vitamin C with Zinc Capsules - Vit C Organic Elderberry, Amla, Camu Camu- Vitamina C High Absorption, Anti Aging, Immune Support,1500mg/Serving 3 Month Supply Gluten Free NON GMO Veggie Caps

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  • ★COMPLETE VITAMIN C FORMULA! With Zinc, Organic Elderberry, Acerola Cherry, Camu Camu, Amla Berry & Bioflavanoids that INCREASE absorbtion of ascorbic acid. Give your immune system a powerful emergency C boost it needs. Don’t settle for 500mg or 1000mg Liposomal C supplements. ALL in ONE Vitamin C supplement is just for you. Each bottle contains EASY TO SWALLOW 180 Vegetable Capsules (plant-derived) for a full 3 month supply! Regular Vitamin C cannot compete!
  • ★ SUPERIOR ABSORPTION & DELAYED RELEASE: Our Fat Soluble Vitamin C capsules utilizes a unique dry liposomal technology which micro-encapsulates the C vitamin with Sunflower Lecithin to protect the vitamin as it moves through the digestive system and into the bloodstream, ensuring you get 100% absorption and prevents gastrointestinal discomfort The added Bioflavonoids provide synergistic support & play an important role in increasing the bioavailability of VIT C allowing for SUPERIOR ABSORPTION!
  • ★INCREDIBLE HEALTH BENEFITS WITH ANTI-AGING PROPERTIES: Liposomal Vitamin C contains powerful antioxidant properties & helps protect against free radical damage. It helps with immune support, helps healthy brain function and cognition, cardiovascular and heart health, adrenal, blood circulation & mood. Also helps bone density, helps decrease muscle soreness, skin, collagen production, and helps increase absorption of calcium & iron.
  • ★FINEST QUALITY WITH HIGHEST VALUE: You get the highest value with our 3 MONTH SUPPLY of Liposome Vitamin C. ALL NATURAL formula enhanced with ORGANIC berries (from the USA) and Bioflavonoids to bring you the highest quality & levels desired. Our products are FREE from GMO, Preservatives, Alcohol, Soy Lecithin, Gelatin, Dairy, Sugar, Gluten, Shellfish, Nuts, Wheat, Stearates, Silicone Dioxide and Artificial Ingredients.
  • ★PROUDLY MADE IN USA – We proudly manufacture all our supplements in the USA! Our manufacturing facility is GMP certified and adheres to the highest quality control standards. THIRD PARTY TESTED As a professional grade supplement company we have every raw ingredient tested for purity and quality. 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back!
NOT ALL SUPPLEMENTS ARE CREATED EQUAL: Our Liposomal Vitamin C benefits the body by enabling BETTER ABSORPTION. Liposomes are extremely small fatty particles that help carry nutrients into the bloodstream and into our body’s cells. Our formula utilizes phospholipid Sunflower Lecithin to CREATE liposomes, helping our body EFFECTIVELY absorb vitamin C. Nutrafitz dry liposomal technology micro-encapsulates the vitamin C to protect the vitamin as it moves through the digestive system and into the bloodstream allowing for a truly superior absorption and greater bioavailability! BIOFLAVONOIDS: are needed to enhance the action of the vitamin c. Vitamin C and bioflavonoids have a complementary effect, making them both more effective when ingested together rather than separately. POWERHOUSE FORMULA: 1500mg Vitamin C + Zinc(2mg) + Organic Elderberry(100mg), Acerola Cherry,Amla berry, Camu Camu, Citrus Bioflavonoids & Lemon Peel = Amazing! The COMPLETE Liposomal Vitamin C we guarantee you will love.

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