Grounding Mat for Improving Sleep, Grounding Pad for Health, Grounding Bed Mat with Grounding Cord for Better Working (11.6IN * 39IN)

Size: 11.6*39 Inch
Sale price$29.85


  • ★1.Grounding for New Changing: Use the grounding mat as feet mat, bed mat or desk mat, your REM and Deep Sleep cycles increased while your negative ions decreased, help you sleep very well and stay asleep. Reduce inflammation, block some E/M/F from areas in your house, focus, motivation are better during the day after using the grounding mat.
  • ★2. Benefits of Grounding: Grounding can provide health benefits, such as better sleep, reduced stress, reduced harmful inflammation, headaches or tension, improved blood circulation, and more energy. You will feel a new life after getting grounding.
  • ★3. Easy to Use: Just plug the buckle-type power cord into the grounding socket of the wall power outlet. These grounding mat can be used on the floor, under the table, on the bed, on the top of the table or any place that touches the bare skin. Feel grounding anytime and any place.
  • ★4. Washing Direction: We sincerely don't recommend washing the Ground Mouse Mat in the washing machine in case of damaging the mat. For general cleaning, you can simply wipe off the Ground Sleeping Mat with a water dampened cloth. And just clean that with foamy water when your cup of tea spilled sometimes on the mat
  • ★5. Good for Gifting: Very a good idea for gifting the grounding mat to your friends and families. Let them also in a better living situation and good health. Better sleeping for better spirit, better energy for better life!

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