Who Comes First?

Do you ever find yourself lost in the whirlwind of life, juggling numerous roles and forgetting to take care of the most crucial asset – yourself?

It's a common struggle, and I encounter people like you every day, putting themselves last on the never-ending "to-do list." Perhaps you've convinced yourself that you'll make time for self-care when work stress subsides, when the kids are grown, or when you have more resources to pursue your dreams. But here's the truth: waiting for that perfect moment may lead to missed opportunities. Just like the safety instructions on a plane advise you to secure your oxygen mask first before helping others, you must prioritize your well-being to support and care for those you love.

Self-care is not selfish; it's essential. By investing in your physical and mental health now, you ensure you'll be there for your loved ones in the long run. Prioritize better sleep, nourishing meals, and positive thinking – it's your responsibility to yourself. The benefits are substantial; increased productivity, creativity, happiness, kindness, and better health positively impact those around you.

If you've been putting yourself last, it's time for a shift in priorities. Here's how you can do it:

  1. Carve out "ME TIME" daily – set aside moments for yourself, whether it's waking up 30 minutes earlier or taking longer breaks during the day.

  2. Invest in your health – make time for daily walks or regular visits to the gym. Meal prepping ensures your body is nourished.

  3. Cultivate a positive mindset – practice gratitude every morning, reflecting on three things you're grateful for.

  4. Surround yourself with positivity – choose people who lift you up and support you unconditionally. Release toxic influences from your life.

  5. Pursue joy – engage in activities that bring a smile to your face, whether it's biking, playing music, or dancing in a Zumba class.

  6. Embrace self-acceptance – let go of self-criticism and embrace your perfect imperfections; you are enough as you are.

Now, ask yourself, what will you do for yourself in the coming week? Remember, investing in your well-being is a gift not just to yourself but to everyone you cherish. So, fill up your cup now, and watch as positivity and fulfillment overflow into all aspects of your life.

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