Ready for Movie Night?

Ready for a cozy movie night? 

If you are a movie night fan, you need to pay close attention to the different popcorn brands. Popcorn can be a great plant-based snack but not all popcorn brands are created the same… 

🍿 Opt for organic popcorn kernels and take control of your ingredients by popping them on the stove or using an air popper. It's the best way to ensure a wholesome snack. For that perfect flavor, add a drizzle of real organic butter or use coconut oil, and a sprinkle of sea salt.

Choosing organic is crucial. Conventional popcorn can be heavily contaminated with pesticides, including insecticides, herbicides, and fungicides, even if it's labeled as Non-GMO Project Verified . The use of numerous chemicals on conventional popcorn crops is a concern, as some of them are neurotoxic, disrupt hormones, and may be potential carcinogens.

Personally, I enjoy the Lesser Evil brand, which uses organic coconut oil, or you can explore various other organic store brands that use olive oil. Remember to check the ingredient list of your favorite brands to ensure they align with your preferences! (And make sure you do NOT get the flavored versions which end up not being on the healthy side).

Making your own popcorn is the best way to go and will save you a few bucks, too. Choose organic, non GMO brands and cook them on the stove or in a brown punchbag using your microwave. Add cinnamon if you like it sweet or Everything But The Bagel seasoning if you like it savory. Some olive oil or coconut oil will make a great replacement for butter.


P.S If you are watching your weight, 3 cups of popped popcorn is considered 1 serving of carbohydrates. Enjoy!

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