E Annatto Tocotrienols Deltagold 125mg, Vitamin E Tocotrienols Supplements 60 Softgel, Tocopherol Free, Supports Immune Health & Antioxidant Health (90% Delta & 10% Gamma)

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  • SUPERIOR SOURCE OF VITAMIN E -Research shows that the potential of tocotrienols is 50X more than the commercially available Vitamin E tocopherols. Tocotrienols protect 95% of your lipid cells but mixing tocotrienols with tocopherols hinders the absorption of tocotrienols. NPN Canada-80090692
  • DELTA GOLD ~ 50X STRONGER AND FASTER VITAMIN E-Delta gold Eannatto is 90% Delta and 10% Gamma tocotrienols (Tocopherols-free). This is annatto-plant-derived Vitamin E Tocotrienols by Dr. Barrie Tan. We combine Deltagold with state-of-art technology which releases supplements at the right time in your gut to provide maximum absorption of superior Vitamin E. Tocotrienols alone may be up to 50x more potent at protecting against cellular damage from harmful free radicals.
  • COUNTLESS BENEFITS TO EXPERIENCE-Studies show advanced Cardiovascular, cellular, and muscle recovery, and support for healthy ageing with Vitamin Eannatto. It may also help in increasing energy levels, improve vision, the immune system, skin, hair, bone health, lower lipids, reduce inflammation, and protect the liver.
  • WHY WELLNESS EXTRACT?-WE focus on science-based ingredients and proprietary manufacturing processes to keep the highest standard in manufacturing and delivery mechanisms. Our ingredients are extracted in the most natural way without using any chemicals or solvents. Our products are organic,non-GMO, dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free,kosher-free and nut-free.WE supplements are designed to support your choice for a healthier you;Proudly made in U.S.A and Canada in a GMP-Certified facility.
  • RECOMMENDED USE & STORAGE-Wellness Extract Eannatto Tocotrienols are small and easy to swallow soft gels. It is suggested to be taken with a meal and the recommended daily dosage is 2 soft gels or as directed by the health practitioner. The product should be stored in a cool and dry place.
DeltaGold is The only natural source of Tocotrienol Vitamin E in the World. Extracted with the Most Natural way without using any chemical or solvent. E Annatto Delta Gold is the World’s No.1 – Next Generation Tocotrienol Vitamin E Tocotrienol is the advanced Vitamin E which is Tocopherol-free, superior quality, lipid-based, nutritious Tocotrienol Vitamin E. E Annatto DeltaGold is the key ingredient for over 90 percent successful studies and research carried out on Tocotrienol Vitamin E. Tocotrienol have shown positive results with 96% success rate. . In several kinds of research, positive effects of Tocotrienol have been observed against many diseases. Tocotrienol protects all your cells from inflammation especially chronic inflammation Best Tocotrienols in the world from the USA.

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