5 Tips to Vacationing Without Sabotaging Your Diet



Last December, I embarked on an unforgettable journey to New Zealand to celebrate my 50th birthday. Every moment was pure bliss (I mean, how could it not be?).


I'll admit, navigating the culinary wonders while maintaining a healthy lifestyle was a bit tricky. However, I managed to strike a balance, savoring the experience without derailing my usual routine.


Many of you are headed for your Winter Break vacation these days...

So, how does one stay on track during a vacation? Simple—make savvy choices! Here are some guidelines to help you relish your getaway without compromising your diet.

Step 1: Grant Yourself Permission

It's vacation time! A period dedicated to unwinding and having a blast. Indulge in local delights with moderation, and be okay with the possibility of a slight weight gain. The key is committing to resume your healthy habits the moment you touch down at home.

This isn't a ticket to binge; rather, it's an opportunity to enjoy without excess. If the food isn't extraordinary, skip it. No need to beat yourself up; margaritas and guilt make for a terrible duo. Leave the Food Police at home—locked away—where they belong.

Step 2: Eat with Purpose, Not Just for the Sake of It

Vacation doesn't nullify the golden rule: if you're full, stop eating. Don't succumb to the temptation of a midnight dessert buffet just for the sake of it. Assess your hunger before every meal and indulge mindfully. Embrace the 80/20 rule—make 80 percent of your choices healthy, reserving the other 20 percent for treats. Even if you lean to 70/30 or 60/40 occasionally, moderation is key.

Step 3: Pack Smart Snacks

I always bring along protein powder, healthy bars, and portioned nuts. Not only does this save me from pricey breakfasts I don't need, but it also serves as a safety net against hunger-induced overeating. Enjoying a snack on the beach can prevent the buffet from looking like a personal feast. Plus, it gives me room to savor those delightful but calorie-heavy vacation drinks. Eating a lighter lunch balances the indulgences while keeping my diet intact.

Step 4: Embrace Creativity and Movement

Explore the local environment—don't confine yourself to a treadmill. Run, hike, swim, or jog along the beach. Find ways to infuse fun into daily activities while burning calories. Be creative and make your vacation an active adventure.

Step 5: Correct Course with the Next Bite

Upon returning home, swiftly return to your normal healthy eating routine. No "On Monday" excuses. This is crucial for maintaining the body you dream of. Remember, consistency is the key to building and living in the body you desire.

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